Crown Holdings certified against Chain of Custody Standard V2 for Crown Mexico facilities

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Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) has announced that Crown Holdings, Inc. has been successfully certified against the ASI CoC Standard V2 (2022) for the manufacture of beverage cans across its Mexico Metal Division. The facilities’ collective annual production capacity is 6.85 billion beverage cans, with the Cierres Monterrey facility producing 6.7 billion can ends and 400 million ROPP closures.

The ASI CoC Standard V2 sets out requirements for the creation of a Chain of Custody for material that is produced and processed through the value chain into diverse downstream sectors. The implementation of ASI’s CoC Standard links verified practices at successive steps of the supply chain – certified under the ASI Performance Standard – to the products produced by ASI Certified Entities. The CoC Standard also confirms that appropriate policies and due diligence process are in place to identify and address critical issues, such as corruption, human rights abuses, materials originating from conflict-affected and high-risk areas in the supply chain and support responsible sourcing.

The independent, third-party audit of the Crown Holdings, Inc. facilities was carried out by DNV Business Assurance Services UK Ltd. A full listing of audit findings outlining evidence of conformances is available from page 5 of the summary audit report, linked below. No non-conformances were identified.

Fiona Solomon, Chief Executive Officer at ASI said, “We warmly congratulate Crown on achieving Certification against ASI CoC Standard V2 at all facilities in its Mexico Metal Division. This certification demonstrates Crown’s commitment to responsible sourcing practices and ethical standards across its supply chain. Crown’s policy goals of assessing suppliers for compliance shows a dedication to improving sustainability and transparency from raw material sourcing through to final production.”

“Across all of our facilities in Mexico, we are mindful of the materials we utilize and how our products make their way through the market, as we understand our responsibility extends beyond our own manufacturing lines,” said Eduardo Argueta, President of Crown Mexico. “We are honored that ASI has verified our practices for alignment with the CoC Standard, as we always aim to meet the industry’s highest expectations for ethics and corporate stewardship.”

“It is no longer enough to simply share material origins,” said John Rost, Senior Vice President – Crown Technology, Sustainability and Regulatory Affairs at Crown. “As a corporation with a global presence, we must do our part to establish thorough precautionary measures up and down our value chain—and to be transparent about the steps we are taking to protect the environment, communities and employees as we work to meet consumer demand. Our latest ASI certification shows we are being hypervigilant and are making the effort to minimize our impact at every stage.”

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