Svijany Brewery celebrates Easter with limited edition Canpack cans

Image: Canpack

Canpack has been working once again with Svijany Brewery for the Easter celebration, using an array of special effects on limited edition cans of the brewery’s lager beer.

The fully Czech-owned Svijany is one of the oldest breweries in the Czech Republic, established in 1564 with roots reaching back to beers brewed by Cistercian monks two centuries earlier. The brand is famous for its award-winning unpasteurised lagers that are typical of the region.

Svijanský Máz 11% is made with water from the brand’s own wells, locally selected malts and fine hops grown in Svijany-owned hop farms in Czech lands. The result is a brew with a soft hoppy aroma and full flavour, with its mild bitterness and golden colour.

The limited edition cans carry subtle and intricate patterns derived from traditional Czech Easter decorations. Building on several years solid collaboration, Canpack was entrusted with bringing this creative idea to life.

Roman Havlík, CEO at Svijany Brewery, said he is delighted with how “these beautiful cans bring our Easter beer closer to consumers as they celebrate this special time of the year. The use of innovative technologies to realise these classic designs chimes well with our philosophy of building on the tradition but with a modern twist.”

A gleaming, egg-shell-white ground is laid using Super White ink. The cans are then finished with a coat of Matt varnish that gives them a crisp and elegant look. To create a unique collection, Quadromix printing technology has been used as it allows four different coloured designs to be mixed in one production batch.

This unique combination of technologies lifts the beverage can to a new creative level. The can is no longer just a container but a canvas for cultural iconography and storytelling.

Filip Dostal, sales manager at Canpack Czech, sums up the emotional power of the company’s creative can making techniques:

“This Svijany Easter edition really showcases what we can do to elevate a design and bring a brand closer to its target demographic. Our special production effects connect happy feelings about popular celebrations with a positive experience of the product.”

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