Canned food is bursting with life

Del Monte has launched a new advertising campaign aimed at changing perceptions of canned fruit and vegetables in the US.

The food canner’s campaign is called ‘Bursting with Life’ and is Del Monte’s largest brand campaign in 10 years.

“We realised that consumers have forgotten some of the really important attributes and benefits associated with our brand, about where the fruits, vegetables and tomatoes are grown, how we take care of the products in terms of packing and picking and that they’re as nutritious as fresh when you cook them,” says Brian Ng, marketing director of consumer products brand strategy at Del Monte.

The company hopes to educate consumers about the nutritional benefits of canned foods.

The campaign will be featured on national TV, through print and digital advertising, public relations, and community engagement via social platforms and consumer promotions.

It will run through March 2013, although this could be extended. “We’ve built this campaign to be multi-year, so to speak, so this is just the beginning,” adds Ng.

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