Toyo Seikan develops new lightweight can body

Image: Toyo Seikan

Toyo Seikan has announced the development of the lightest[※1] aluminium DI can in the Japanese domestic market for 204mm SOT (stay-on tab) cans.

Compression bottom reform (CBR) technology is used to reinforce the bottom of the beverage can, thus enabling it to be reduced in weight. This development should further reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, said the company.

Toyo Seikan will begin mass production of the cans in April 2024 in 350ml and 500ml sizes at its Chitose and Kiyama factories, followed by other factories nationwide.

By using CBR in the 204mm SOT cans, which are mainly used for alcoholic beverages, Toyo Seikan has reduced the weight of the 350ml cans by 1.5g, from 11.7g to 10.2g, and the weight of the 500ml cans by 2.0g, from 15.0g to 13.0g.
The GHG emissions per can have thus been reduced by approximately 9% compared to the current 350ml and 500ml cans. Furthermore, if CBR is used for all aluminum beverage cans where it is applicable, it is estimated that GHG emissions will be reduced by approximately 40,000 tons annually.[※2]


※1 Based on 204mm SOT Aluminum DI cans in 350ml and 500ml sizes.
(Source: Toyo Seikan survey, March 2024. Lid is not included in empty cans.)

※2 Calculated based on production records for the current specification aluminum beverage cans at Toyo Seikan in the fiscal year 2022 and the GHG reduction per can for the lightest domestic can.

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