Whisky in a can could be banned in Scotland

A new canned whisky, which is on sale in the Caribbean and South America, has come in for criticism from the Scotch Whisky Association.

Panama-based company Scottish Spirits has launched the 33cl aluminium cans, the first time straight whisky has been sold in a can. The company is canning its own-brand tipple and a blend called Sir Edwin’s.

Chief executive Manish Panshal said: “We are really thrilled with the idea. It is going to be a part of every lifestyle and occasion. The can is the perfect size to be shared between three people and it can be mixed with things like cola.”

But a spokesman for the Scotch Whisky Association said the group would try to ban the cans for breaching international labelling rules. He said: “We are concerned that consumers may be confused whether or not the product is real Scotch and we will be investigating the matter further.”

But Scottish Spirits has moved to end confusion over the matter with a statement on its website that reads: “Scottish Spirits’ Whisky in a can is not produced in Scotland, therefore it is not Scotch Whisky, it is whisky and will be only marketed as such.”

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