Bericap moves into Asia

German beverage closures manufacturer, Bericap, has opened a production facility in Singapore.

The plant will provide a direct service to customers in the ASEAN-zone, which was up until now served by a sales office and deliveries from Bericap China and other Bericap facilities. It will be the nucleus for further expansion of sales and production facilities in South East Asia.

Closures for the non-food and non-beverage market will be produced to start with while production of beverage closures will follow shortly. The facility has the space and capability to enlarge the product program and to increase the output.

One of the products to be produced by Bericap Singapore is a screw cap with folded tamper evidence band for the agrochemical industry. The manufacturing process of the closure plus additional safety features make the closure difficult to copy and supports anti counterfeiting measures.

Bericap Singapore is also prepared to produce the well-known one-piece closure technology DoubleSeal for carbonated beverages or hot filling.

The Bericap Singapore team will be strongly supported by Bericap China and Bericap Germany.

Bericap offers a variety of closures for the metal, plastic and carton container industries.

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