Scotland’s businesses set to ‘make every can count’

Businesses in Scotland are being asked to support the Every Can Counts campaign by recycling empty drinks cans.

In Scotland, an estimated 252 million drinks cans are consumed per year outside the home, either ‘on the go’ or by employees in the workplace. Every Can Counts estimates that an organisation of 50 employees could recycle 3,000 drinks cans per year by making recycling part of their everyday routine.

Every Can Counts has been developed by the drinks can manufacturing and recycling industry. The Scottish Government’s delivery partner, Zero Waste Scotland, and AG Barr are supporting its launch in Scotland. It marks a three-year commitment to drive up recycling rates within the workplace.

The organisations have joined forces with Every Can Counts to spearhead workplace recycling ahead of the new Waste (Scotland) Regulations which come into force in January 2014 and will require all businesses to separate paper and card, plastic, metal and glass for recycling.

The Government’s Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead said: “Making one drinks can from raw materials uses the same amount of energy as it takes to make 20 cans through recycling. Recycling cans gives our economy a boost through access to a good supply of metal; recycling waste is generally cheaper for organisations than sending it to landfill, which also helps to tackle climate change.

“Recycling at work and while we are on the go will help to meet Scotland’s ambitious target to recycle 70 per cent of all waste by 2025. To support this, the Waste (Scotland) Regulations require all businesses to separate dry materials by January 2014.”

Every Can Counts helps employers with setting up and promoting drinks can recycling within their organisation and is designed to complement existing recycling facilities or as a stand-alone scheme.

As an added incentive Every Can Counts are offering the first 100 businesses to sign up to the programme in Scotland a free starter pack, advice and resources to introduce and promote recycling facilities to their workplaces.

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