Jealsa to use Crown’s PeelSeam peelable ends on tuna cans

Jealsa, the leading Mediterranean fish canner, is relaunching its oil-based tuna in cans which use PeelSeam peelable ends from Crown Food Europe, a business unit of Crown Holdings.

The new metal cans address the growing demand for more convenient product access, offering enhanced packaging openability for consumers.

Jealsa is incorporating Crown’s PeelSeam peelable end on its 150mm x 65mm cans for the tuna product line it supplies to Mercadona under the leading Spanish retailer’s Hacendado brand. The decorated can also features a recloseable plastic lid to facilitate re-use.

“Using Crown’s peelable easy-to-open end has enabled us to offer a new level of convenience on larger can sizes, ideal for families, caterers and even hotels,” says Carmen Calvo, a spokesperson from Jealsa. “Crown provided strategic guidance and support throughout the project to ensure smooth delivery to Mercadona.”

Crown’s PeelSeam peelable ends consist of a thin flexible foil heat-sealed to a rigid steel ring for conventional double seaming onto standard containers. No adjustment to tooling or seaming processes is required.

The latest family of PeelSeam peelable ends – which now includes 65mm, 73mm, 83mm, 99mm, 150mm diameters and also rectangular ends – is compatible with Crown’s steel and aluminium stylish bowl-shaped cans, standard three-piece cans with volumes up to 2kg, as well as non-round cans. The ends are ideal for both processed foods such as fish, ready meals, vegetables or desserts and non-processed dry foods such as milk and coffee powder.

“With our innovative end, Mercadona is able to offer its consumers a packaging solution that adds value on the shelf by being easy and quick to open,” says Laetitia Durafour, marketing manager, Crown Food Europe. “High quality graphics can also be printed on the peelable lid to enhance visual appeal and further differentiate the brand.”

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