New look for DWI cans

New look for DWI cans

Ardagh claims to have revolutionised the drawn walled and ironed (DWI) can making process.

Its new 400g can, produced for Bonduelle, uses 15% less material due to a 43% reduction in wall thickness.

Ardagh estimates if one billion cans were to convert to the new design, the material saving would be equivalent to the weight of metal in the Eiffel Tower.

The concept for this type of can goes back six years when a pilot line was commissioned.

This design began in May 2011 with the first patent, covering can geometry,  shape,  the re-engineered easy open end and the new pressure resistant bottom.

The cans are made at Ardagh’s DWI advanced production facility in The Netherlands and filled at Bonduelle’s facility in Northern France. The first use will be on Bonduelle’s winter vegetable range, before a rollout across its canned food range.

Beading on the can has has also been replaced with a more premium look and feel to the packaging, creating a sleek surface for premium labels or even  direct printing.

The can design is also able to withstand pressures of up to 4.5 bar created by nitrogen dosing, which puts extra pressure on the can’s bottom and end.

Research released to mark the launch claims consumers get a sense of freshness  on opening the can because of the ‘psshht’ sound effect of the vacuum being release, according to Ardagh.

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