Belvac hints at more can shapes

At least three new can shapes are in development following the launch of Budweiser’s bow-tie can, according to the company that created the machinery to make the can.

Ricardo Ruiz de Gopegui, vice president branded package solutions, at Belvac Production Machinery wouldn’t be drawn on who the company is working with but at least three new cans will be on the shelves in the next two years.

Speaking to CanTech International  he said, “We’re working on a project for another brand which should be ready in a couple of years depending on the customer.

“Two more projects are underway. These are a few months behind the first project and all should be on the shelves in the next two years.”

Ruiz de Gopegui explained there was interest from both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks makers, but he couldn’t say what types of shapes were being investigated.

Beer sales have struggled in more developed markets, like Western Europe and the US, and Ruiz de Gopegui believes the innovation started by Budweiser will see more brewers launching different shapes of cans to help their products “pop out” on the shelves.

The former Pepsi man added, “We’re getting more interest from brewers as it’s seen as a more premium project and they can afford to invest.”

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