Marley’s One Drop ditches bottles for cans

A Jamaican flavoured coffee drink has ditched it former bottle packaging in favour of 12oz cans.

Marley’s One Drop, named after the iconic singer Bob Marley, originally came to market in 9.5oz glass bottles.

However, makers Marley Beverages chose to move into the Rexam sleek can because of their durability, portability and brand differentiation on retail shelves.

Made with premium Jamaican coffee, real cane sugar and all-natural ingredients, Marley’s One Drop is available in coffee, mocha and vanilla light flavours.

The company hopes this new package will help it further capitalise on the continued growth in the ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee segment.

“There is nothing better than drinking an iced cold coffee beverage from a can,” said Lee Brody, global marketing director, Marley Beverage Company. “We wanted to showcase the premium look of our Marley’s One Drop line and help it stand out on the shelf. We were able to achieve both in a very powerful way with the Rexam sleek can.”

Rich Grimley, president and chief executive, Rexam, says the beverage can is the right choice to package coffee beverage growth.

He added: “Specialty coffee brands are recognising the value of aluminum beverage can packaging in building their business.

“Marley’s is a valued customer of ours and we’re excited to help them extend their brand with the best in graphics display, filling and distribution economics and sustainability superiority.”

Marley Beverages remains committed to spreading the positive message to embrace charities, causes and ideas that can change the world. Marley’s beverages products benefit, the Marley family non-profit initiative, which works to promote the legacy of their father by supporting charities that empower youth, protect the planet and promote peace.

Marley’s One Drop cans are working their way into retailers across the United States this month.

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