Young French wooed by wine in cans

France’s traditional reputation as wine loving has come under attack from a rise in sales of beer, spirits and soft drinks.

Younger people in the country are moving towards canned drinks and one wine producer feels to keep his market share he must move with the trend.

Cédric Segal, co-founder of canned wine company Winestar, speaking to Connexion France’s English language newspaper, said his first canned wine range of Corbières red, white and rosé from the Château de l’Ille in Languedoc-Roussillon would be available in 187ml cans sell at €2.50 each or €59 for a case of 24.

The company’s cans have been developed by Ball Packaging Europe and Winestar hope the French market will eventually be worth €1.3million a year.

The cans are due to be released through Carrefour City stores in the next few weeks.

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