Sustainability on the agenda as Euro CanTech conference opens

Sustainability and energy conservation have been key topics at the very first Euro CanTech conference.

Held in Birmingham, in the heart of the United Kingdom, the show uses the same format as the established Asia CanTech shows and aims to highlight best practice in the can industry as well as offering an informal networking arena.

First keynote speaker Anders Linde, the secretary general of Metal Packaging Europe, started the event, today (27 June), explaining that there were a lot of “misunderstandings” and wrong information about metal packaging.

He said, “The renewable/non renewable label is misleading and false in the case of metal.

“Metal is not disappearing it is being found and being recycled … fundamentally there is a permanent source of metals and we will not run out.”

Linde went on to explain that policy makers need to be educated about metal’s “permanent loop.”

He also cited date which shows metal, both steel and aluminium, is recycled at a combined rate of 70%.

He added, “We’re the only form of packaging to reveal a, independently verified, recycling rate.”

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