Non-alcoholic cocktail cans released

Following the launch of its non-alcoholic cocktail range Feel Good Drinks has now brought out a can.

The UK-based company says the 250ml cans will be released soon in Britain and are designed to sit on the mixer shelf in supermarket aisles.

A new flavour strawberry daiquiri joins the current line up of mojito and peach bellini.

Feel Good founder and marketing director Steve Cooper said: “Feel Good single serve cocktails are perfect for summer parties and enjoying the great outdoors.

“Cocktail mixing and drinking is becoming increasingly popular and these new introductions will add even more opportunity to the fun of serving and enjoying delicious cocktails – non-alcoholic or otherwise.”

Like all the company’s drinks the cocktails are made with 100% natural ingredients, have absolutely no added sugar, with each serving providing 1 of your 5 a day.

Founded by Dave Wallwork and Cooper who worked together at Coca Cola, the company was created the company with the simple aim of making gorgeous tasting, healthy soft drinks, and to have fun while doing it.

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