Rexam celebrates fourth line at Ludesch plant

Ludesch Line 4 opening Dec 2013 web

Rexam, Europe’s largest beverage can manufacturer, is celebrating the official opening of the fourth production line at its Ludesch plant in Austria. The new line adds an additional 0.7 billion can capacity to the plant’s annual production, following a £20million investment by Rexam.


The plant, which opened in 2007, is a wall-to-wall facility next to Red Bull’s filling partner Rauch, and is used solely to manufacture cans for the world’s leading energy drink. The new line is designed with seven bodymakers and seven inside sprays, providing a line speed of 2,000 cans a minute to supply the high-speed filler. With a daily production of 8.4 million cans, the plant produces an impressive 3 billion cans a year.


Rexam produces 250ml Slim and 355ml Sleek cans at the Ludesch plant, as well as offering computer-to-plate (CTP) and High Definition Illustration Impact printing technologies on site. Wall-to-wall production, which eliminates transport of cans, helps Rexam and Red Bull lower CO2 emissions and further reduces the environmental impact of the beverage can.


Iain Percival, Rexam Beverage Can Europe Sector Director, says: “It’s great to see the fourth line at Ludesch up and running ahead of schedule; it’s a testament to the hard work of our teams. Our investment in the plant demonstrates how we value our customers – we have a great working relationship with Red Bull and are flexible to adapt to their growing needs as a leading global brand”.

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