Aerosol of the Year 2013 to be extended

The winner of the British Aerosol Manufacturers’ (BAMA) Awards 2013 – Unilever – has announced that its winning product format is to be extended.

The compressed aerosol can technology, which ckaimed the Aerosol of the Year 2013 award, is to be extended across its entire range of male deodorant brands.

Unilever, a member of BAMA, introduced its compressed technology in February 2013, claiming the product ‘lasts as long with less packaging’.

Unilever’s range of compact aerosols within the Sure, Dove and Vaseline brand ranges created 16 new products, and is set to be introduced into the Sure Men, Dove Men + Care, Lynx and Vaseline Men variants.

The launch of the range meant 50% less propellant gas and 25% less aluminium per can, 35% reduction in transport emissions and 53% more products on a pallet. As a result of these changes, Unilever has lowered its carbon footprint by 25% on average. The move has already saved around 77 tons of aluminium and 12 million compressed cans have been sold to date.

BAMA’s chief executive, Dr John Morris, says: “We congratulate Unilever on this further move towards even greater sustainability in the aerosol sector. It is exactly this kind of innovation that highlights the creativity of the aerosol industry and why they won the Aerosol of the Year”.


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