Metpack: The Metpack Conference

Anders Linde, secretary general of Metal Packaging Europe, opened the Metpack conference with a review of the history of the can, claiming that its invention ‘has changed the world.’ At the conference, nine international experts gave an overview of new technologies and recent research results.

Linde’s opening speech addressed the historical significance of the can, claiming it has strengthened global trade and tourism. He then went on to give a preview of the challenges facing the industry, such as the need to increase the recycling rate of metal packaging. The aim is to reach a recycling rate of 80% by 2020.

Following the opening ceremony, Christian Delclos from Constellium CRV, France, and David Lieb from Sandvik, Sweden, gave lectures examining the interface between the tool and the aluminium material. Other subjects covered at the conference included quality improvement in metal sheet printing by means of automated direct inspection, copylining technology for non-round can ends or new solutions for cans containing dangerous goods.

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