New closure from Cliqloc

A unique can closure which can be used on opened beverage cans has been launched by Cliqloc.

Cliqloc is a brand new development from Germany, registered, patent and trademark protected within the main world markets.

Cliqloc is pressure tight and leak proof for all beverage cans. The product can be used anywhere and at any time because of its user-friendly single-handed use.

It keeps can contents fresh for longer and protects against dirt, insects, odours etc.

The product is individually designable and can be printed photorealistically. It can be used as a brand communicator and offers customers brand awareness.

Cliqloc took three years to develop and fits 80 per cent of all current beverage cans.

The Parts of the Cliqloc include: Clamp: stainless special steel; Safety ring: cold rolled tin foil; Seal: TPE (thermoplastic elastomer).

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