KBA’s MetalStar 3 is a best-seller

In the three months since this year’s METPACK, KBA-MetalPrint’s MetalStar 3 has proven to be a best-seller.

Over 50 printing units of the MetalStar 3 have been sold worldwide, from two-colour to eight-colour printing presses with integrated UV coating towers, as well as with purely thermal drying as six-colour printing presses with the MetalCoat 480 inline coating machine and LTG drying oven, with integrated EcoTNV. KBA has also said it is reassuring to see that orders are coming in from Europe and Russia as well as Asia.

In addition, the last printing units of the MetalStar 2 have been sold. These will be delivered to the customers by the end of the year. The MetalStar 3 offers a higher degree of automation, and completely new features for cutting make-ready times.

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