Drink cans in the spotlight on BBC’s Apprentice

The Can Makers efforts reached new heights and took a share of the limelight on prime time TV as the BBC’s The Apprentice aired. Team Summit came “Top Dawg” with their canned energy drink after both teams were put to a soft drink challenge where they had to design the flavour, packaging and an advertising campaign.

The winning team showcased their brand new canned energy drink, Top Dawg, in a tough New York pitch, pipping team Tenacity to the post. The cans shown on The Apprentice were created by members of the Can Makers, who also acted as advisors to the production team for the task, highlighting the industry’s commitment to promoting the benefits of the drinks can.

Graham Fenton commented: “Energy drinks in cans are a star performer for our industry, leading carbonated soft drink (CSD) can growth for a number of years. We are delighted that this trend has been recognised with a moment in the spotlight on a TV show watched by millions.

“Of course, innovation and NPD are vital for the industry as consumer tastes are constantly changing, and it was great to see both teams getting inventive. We’d like to offer our congratulations to Summit for winning this week’s challenge with their canned drink. They certainly deserve their place as Top Dawgs.”

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