Euro CanTech day one

As day one draws to a close and the gala dinner approaches, at present the delegation are enjoying the exhibition, which is in full swing. The tabletops are bustling after a day of very interesting presentations.

We opened with Eduard Tenas of Grupo Damm, who gave us a detailed view of what the company does, what they aim to achieve and where they are headed in terms of the future. He remarked that although Spain is very proud of its world-renowned red wines, it is also very passionate about beer, with Damm filling up to 500,000 cans per hour across its seven filling lines.

“We like to be considered as a craft Mediterranean beer,” he commented.

Presentations followed from industry-leading companies such as Applied Vision, Intralox, CMB and Windelev, before the coffee break gave everyone present the opportunity to network and discuss the morning’s presentations.

Daniel Hilfiker of Pneumofore started the next session, and was followed by Greg Pickert of Pride Engineering and Paul Buckley of Lighthouse Systems before lunch.

The afternoon’s keynote speaker was Dr Ulrich Roeske, president of Apeal, who spoke of the advantages of using steel for packaging. He is passionate about steel and its uses and highlighted five key areas where the metal is superior, in his opinion. One such area is its recyclability, where he pointed out that whilst calling something 100% recyclable, “the only figure that matters is the actual recycling figure itself”.

Vision experts, KBA MetalPrint, Mall & Herlan and Prime Controls spoke in the afternoon, which took us to where we are currently.

We look forward to another day of presentations tomorrow.

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