Groovy embossed can

Heineken and Ball Packaging Europe have teamed up to create the new ‘Groovy Embossed Can’ with grooved edges running around its entire body. The 33-cl can will be produced out of its Wrexham site and launched into the UK market in April 2015.

Mark van Iterson, global head of design at Heineken says, “With the design of our new “Groovy Embossed Can,” we are combining cutting-edge technology with a bold design statement to surprise and excite consumers in a category that’s sometimes seen as heritage driven. The fresh, iconic design expresses the progressive personality of the brand and gives increased impact and stopping power at the point-of-sale.”

During the development phase, the question was raised – how do we take an iconic brand and its signature packaging to a level that effectively prompts the retail consumer to act?

“One of the challenges the team faced in development was creating a new look within the parameters of the embossing and debossing technology without compromising Heineken’s distinctive and powerful design elements – aspects which are obviously key to on-shelf product recognition,” says John Reed, manager product commercial at Ball Packaging Europe. “We wanted to include a significant amount of debossed features in the design in order to give the can a unique look without compromising the structure integrity of the package.”

“In the race to grab consumer attention, our trials showed that the best approach was not to overwhelm the can with color. Perhaps counterintuitively, embossing and debossing over color can sometimes detract from visual impact,” Reed says.


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