Second filler to use wine in can technology

French filler Cacolac has signed a contract with Australian company Barokes licensing them to fill wine in a can using Vinsafe technology.

The Vinsafe process is the only wine-in-a-can packaging system, combining long shelf life with high product quality and managed by global patents.

Cacolac is the second European filling facility to be awarded this license after the Spanish company Font Salem. Ball Packaging Europe, one of the leading European beverage can manufacturers, is the only European supplier of Vinsafe cans for wine using Barokes’ technology.

The Vinsafe technology utilises three distinct elements, namely wine parameters, can specifications and filling conditions. It is the only globally recognised, patented wine-in-a-can packaging system that has been proven to deliver consistent quality, stability and longevity in canned wine. In the past years, Vinsafe wines have been awarded over 125 wine competition medals.

Ball signed the contract to manufacture and supply the specially produced cans for wine using the Vinsafe production process in December 2010. As an approved supplier, Ball will produce the aluminium cans with the Vinsafe logo to demonstrate that both can and content comply with the specially patented standards. With the two recently licensed Vinsafe fillers located in the major wine regions of Valencia (Spain) and Bordeaux (France), the European supply chain for Vinsafe is now established, offering European wineries a proven alternative packaging system for their wines and thus opening up new markets.

Cacolac director, Christian Maviel, said: “We are surrounded by premium wine producers looking to access new international markets and consumers with their wines and after much investigation we decided that the only viable option is Vinsafe. Wine is not easy to fill in a can while maintaining its quality. We would not risk filling wine for brand owners with centuries of wine making history behind them without the use of the globally patented Vinsafe wine packaging system, which offers a unique can, lining and filling process.”

“Wine in a can is convenient and trendy,” explains Gerlof Toenhake, director marketing at Ball Packaging Europe. “Cans are unbreakable, lightweight and compact, making them ideal for outdoor and on-the-go consumption like on a picnic or at a music festival.”

Cacolac is based in Léognan, just south of Bordeaux, within one of France’s premium wine-growing regions. In early August, the Cacolac facility underwent a comprehensive Vinsafe accreditation process to fill wine in a can. In May, the Spanish filler Font Salem became the first company licensed to fill wine in a can.

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