Rexam and SABMiller selected to produce Birell beer cans

Rexam has collaborated with brewing company SABMiller to produce a range of new designs for non-alcoholic Birell beer cans. The cans incorporate Rexam’s thermochromic inks and matt over finish. The thermochromic inks change colour when the beverage reaches the ideal temperature for consumption, and the matt over varnish adds a soft finish. Commenting on the […]

Canaries beer goes thermochromic

A popular beer served on the Canary Islands has started using new cans with thermochromic ink. Tropical, a Canary Island beer brewed by Compañia Cervecera de Canarias a subsidiary of SABMiller, has chosen Rexam to make its new 50cl cans. Produced out of Rexam’s German plant in Berlin, the can incorporates thermochromic ink into a […]

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Lightweight metal crowns help brewer make savings

SABMiller has announced that its Peruvian subsidiary, Backus, has developed a new lightweight metal crown for beer bottles that could save the brewer US$12.6 million every year. In cooperation with Packaging Products Peru, Backus has developed a new, low-gauge bottle crown that will significantly reduce the amount of steel used in production and have a positive impact on the group’s raw material costs and CO2 emissions.

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World Cup fever

With the football World Cup in South Africa now just over two weeks away, most of the staff at Bell are starting to get excited about the possibility of England lifting the famous trophy for only the second time in our history. Obviously we’re just praying none of our games goes to penalties. As the […]


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