Alex Rivers


Continuous delay

It’s safe to say that many UK metal packaging manufacturers, organisations and suppliers are feeling disappointment at the recent news of the UK’s DRS being delayed yet again, this time by another two years, to October 2027.

Accountability throughout the supply chain

This week, many businesses have been marking Earth Day with campaigns focused on awareness of sustainable practice, aligned with’s goal of demanding a 60 per cent reduction in the production of all plastics by 2040.

Hello from Australia!

Cans have been a great convenience for my husband & I on this Aussie trip, and my favourite canned drink was experienced while we were in Sydney, overlooking the harbour.

Taking to the skies

With long-haul travel on the horizon for myself and CanTech, I’ve enjoyed reading about Virgin Atlantic’s collaboration with Sapling Spirits, which is providing passengers the alcoholic option of a mini aluminium vodka bottle.


Travelling smart

On my outward journey to Cardiff at the weekend, I purchased an aluminium Re:Water bottle at Pret A Manger, but ensuring a good, recyclable disposal of it on the train was not possible…

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