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Strengthening the RTD coffee space

I’m remembering one of my early CanTech blogs which featured an aesthetically pleasing tin of Grind coffee beans, as news arrives that the London-based brand has completed the acquisition of ready-to-drink canned coffee company, Bottleshot Coffee.


Can refresh

You might remember that last year, I interviewed Eliza Flanagan, co-founder of personal care company, Kankan, which uses cans as a packaging source for its hand wash and body cleansers. Well, the Kankan brand has had a makeover and its new look is here.

Educating ourselves & others for Global Recycling Day

By now, the world’s clued up to the pollution caused by companies and the general public not recycling properly. However, as the metal packaging industry reiterates again and again, more communication is needed to really drive the message home and ensure we’re acting on this issue in the most effective way.

Embracing equity

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is #EmbraceEquity, which is all about recognising that every person has different circumstances, and may need varying resources and opportunities to reach an equal outcome.

Improving Poland’s recycling rates

Retailer Carrefour Poland and the EKO-Punkt Packaging Recovery Organisation are partnering to trial a deposit refund system for plastic bottles and aluminium beverage cans, in an effort to increase the amount of waste recycled and to support the household budget of Poles in times of high inflation.

Little by little

This week, the English government has finally confirmed a ban on single-use plastic cutlery items, following similar bans in Scotland and Wales, and supermarket Waitrose has announced a move away from glass to canned wines. But are these moves still too little too late?

Healthy outlook

The New Year is the time when consumers typically hyper-focus on their health, so naturally brands are responding to this, as well as overall trends concerning wellbeing.


Can-do attitude

This year has certainly felt a bit ‘move over Covid, there are new problems in town.’ However, as the December 2022/January 2023 edition of CanTech International will convey, our industry shows us time and time again that it’s poised to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.


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