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Every can counts in Calabria

Every Can Counts brings us a summery story of an initiative between the agency for the Regional Marine Parks of Calabria, CIAL – Italy’s consortium of aluminium packaging, and Coca-Cola, for the collection of beverage cans on the beaches of the Calabrian coasts in Italy.

Beer cans for superfans

The lucrative and fun market for providing branded beer cans for music superfans continues with the announcement from KnuckleBonz and Calicraft Brewing Company of plans to launch a new music branded beverage line with two AC/DC officially licensed beers.

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Student rocks in metal

A design student from Loughborough University in England has won a competition after designing a striking metal gift pack for gin which captures the colour, fun and nostalgia of traditional British seaside rock. 


A Shoezie for Father’s Day

Kooky collaborations continue with news from two brands who have come together to help celebrate Father’s Day this weekend – including cans of beer, of course.

A rainbow of cans

A creative way of highlighting the infinite recyclability of aluminium and tackling litter was recently showcased as part of a collaboration between Every Can Counts and Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), when a giant rainbow created from 2,500 recycled beverage cans appeared in the city’s Piccadilly Gardens last weekend (4-6 June), in celebration of World Environment Day (5 June).

Treasured tins

A fun story that came to my attention recently was from the Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association (MPMA) who had launched a nationwide hunt to discover the UK’s most treasured tins.

Aluminium Can…Change?

A project called Aluminium Can…Change?, sponsored by Italian company Pneumofore has been launched, focussing on aluminium cans and their high percentage of recycling. The project is designed to encourage students to seriously reflect upon the environmental impact of consumable goods.

Early bird Asia CanTech rates

This week I want to bring your attention once again to the Asia CanTech 2021 conference – taking place from 25-27 October in Bangkok, Thailand – as our early bird rate will be closing on 23 May, so don’t miss out and register your attendance now.

Record-breaking aluminium beverage can recycling

With at-home consumption increasing significantly due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is not surprising to learn from Alupro that in the UK, aluminium beverage can recycling hit its highest ever rate in 2020 at 82%, representing a year-on-year increase of 6%.

Challenges ahead

This week, I thought I would bring to your attention the efforts of Robert Fell, director and chief executive at the Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association (MPMA). He will be taking on the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge next month in aid of the World Land Trust (WLT).

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