Filled to the brim

Filling technology has become high-tech business, sometimes with Italian flair. Evert van de Weg examines its history and speaks to IC Filling Systems sales director, Marco Solferini

Stories in metal

This week we heard of how Crown Bevcan has helped Italian company Zai Urban Winery launch high-quality canned wine in a convenient, sustainable format, in order for the company to be able to convey its quirky brand story.


Every can counts in Calabria

Every Can Counts brings us a summery story of an initiative between the agency for the Regional Marine Parks of Calabria, CIAL – Italy’s consortium of aluminium packaging, and Coca-Cola, for the collection of beverage cans on the beaches of the Calabrian coasts in Italy.

Aluminium Can…Change?

A project called Aluminium Can…Change?, sponsored by Italian company Pneumofore has been launched, focussing on aluminium cans and their high percentage of recycling. The project is designed to encourage students to seriously reflect upon the environmental impact of consumable goods.

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