‘Gag’ lemonade launched

A gag feature will be hidden in a series of cans developed in association with a Finnish TV show. Rexam has worked with Finnish drinks firm Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas Oy to create a new can design for its Duudesons Jekkulimonadi known as gag lemonade. The soft lemonade drink is named after the Dudesons who are best […]


New tabs create tough image

Norwegian beverage company Mack has chosen Rexam Beverage Can Europe to create a unique polar bear cut-out tab for its newly designed Arctic Beer series. Rexam worked closely with Mack to create a new can design that has a strong appeal to young urban males aged between 18-35, in particular positioning the series as a beer for the tough and adventurous.

Rexam invests in Nordic market

Rexam has announced plans to build a new beverage can plant in Finland.
The plant will be located in Mantsala in southwest Finland some 60km north of Helsinki.

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