Crown’s Asia CanTech 2023 keynote

Alex Rivers speaks to Adrine Thiban Arokiamsamy, regulatory affairs analyst at Crown Holdings and keynote speaker at this year’s Asia CanTech, about his involvement in the company’s new aluminium beverage can recycling rate study, which covers Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam

Events past, present & future

I’m back – as a Mrs (still a Rivers though) and getting back up to speed, while some of team CanTech attend the IMDPA Annual Conference, and the rest of Bell Publishing gears up for the busy month ahead of our industry-leading events.

Crown TCP: Energizing a Better World Together

TCP Group and Crown Holdings have joined forces to set up an aluminium can factory in Thailand with an expected production capacity of over 820 million cans per year, to manufacture packaging of Red Bull for export in the Asia-Pacific region.

Positive steps forward

Details of Ireland’s planned Deposit Return Scheme is welcome news this week, especially for those in the metal packaging sector who have been lobbying for schemes to adopt a variable rate.

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