Heating & Oven Technology LTD


Tel: +44 7803 888331

Website: http://www.heating-and-oven-technology.co.uk
Email: enquiries@heating-and-oven-technology.co.uk


Heating & Oven Technology has been established internationally since 1991 offering services to the Gas and Manufacturing Industry. The core of our business specialises in Gas-Fired Thermal Processing Equipment such as: Washer Boilers, Washer Dryers, Pin Ovens, Internal Bake Ovens and Oxidisers.

Throughout these sectors we offer a variety of professional services using our highly qualified Oven, Gas and Thermal Processing Engineers with a combination of over seventy years’ experience in the Metal Decoration and Gas Transportation Industry whilst carrying out:

  • Oven/Gas Train Safety Checks
  • Burner Servicing
  • Extract Rate Measurement
  • Oven Air Flow Balancing
  • Oven Audits/Surveys
  • Oven/Burner Commissioning
  • Gas Train and Burner Upgrades/Installations,/li>
  • Supply of Oven and Burner Control Products
  • Employee Training
  • Industrial Oven Cleaning
  • Breakdowns, Plant Shutdowns, Call Out and Gas Escape Emergencies
  • Gas Meter Exchange Programs
  • Industrial and Commercial Gas Pipework Installations
  • Large Diameter Pipework Testing and Purging

Heating & Oven Technology supply a full range of electrical, gas, oven and burner related products from filters to complete burner units. Our well-established contacts allow us to offer these products at competitive prices. We can supply these products to you quickly and professionally.

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