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The Company BA.SCO. was born at the and of the year 1992 following the growing exigencies of the canmakers who asked for simple and effective production control systems, cheap and simply to install in the existent production lines: BA.SCO. was able to reconcile in the best way these needs and thanks also to the preference of the most important canmakers in the world, in a few time our Company did important experiences which allow us to realize a complete range of testers that can satisfy all the exigencies of the producers.

Today more than 300 BA.SCO. automatic testers test everyday the production in the majority of the European canmakers plants and in many other Countries in the world, with an high quality level also when they work in very hard situations. The BA.SCO. testers are known for their sturdiness and efficiency and also because they are simply programmable also by the not specialized operators.

Even more BA.SCO. is able to satisfy in a very few time every request of spare parts or technical assistance, with interventions of our own technicians or our agents.

In this moment to our big range of testers, able to cover the entire field of the metallic cans, we also added testers for the aerosol cans, the easy open ends and the plastic containers.

BA.SCO. srl everyday more wants to be a strong and skilled supplier, able to solve with flexible and cheap solutions, the majority of the problems concerning the can tightness control which still today worry the canmakers.

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