Dutch Cans B.V.

Dutch Cans B.V.
Celsiusstraat 32
1704 RW

Tel: +31 652 888 568

Website: http://www.dutchcans.com
Email: [email protected]


Dutch Cans is specialised in the field of used can making machines. Dutch Cans is a young and dynamic company focusing on the need of the client, using an experience of almost 15 years in the can making industry. Combining the technical know-how with our commercial know-how about the market and its machinery we serve our customers in the best possible way! What we do. Dutch Cans offers a wide range of used can manufacturing machines for the production of 2-piece cans such as beverage and deep drawn cans as well as 3-piece cans such as food cans, paint cans and aerosol cans. Dutch Cans supplies complete production lines as well as individual machines such as duplex slitters, welders, presses etc. Our vision. Dutch Cans combines their commercial know-how with their technical know-how and the experience we have with can manufacturing to serve our clients in the best possible way. We advise our clients on every aspect to have a smooth start-up of their new project!

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