Perm Machine & Tool Co

PO Box 660
9660 Industrial Drive
St John
United States

Tel: +1 219 365 5000
Fax: +1 219 365 4847

Email: [email protected]


Perm Machine & Tool Co. . has delivered solution based, value added products to the Metal Decorating Industry worldwide for 48 years. Perm is a global supplier specializing in cutting edge patented products, quality parts for example our Chain, Custom Wickets, Wicket Ovens, Wagner Coaters, HOE Printing Presses, Lubrication Systems, Bundle Turners and Replacements Parts.

Perm’s technicians provide the highest level of experience and knowledge to our customers with proven results combined with unsurpassed customer service from our entire staff around the globe.

Please visit our website or contact us 219-365-5000 and our staff will support your needs and questions.

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