Acumence, Inc.

A Flexware Innovation Company
12 Municipal Drive
Fishers, IN

Tel: +1 317 813 5400

Email: [email protected]


Acumence is a Manufacturing Business Intelligence Solution that provides actionable information through real-time views and historical metrics. This enables manufacturers to avoid losses in performance, quality, and efficiency.

Acumence is specifically designed to handle the following types of manufacturing environments:

  • Real-time

  • • High-volume
    • High-performance

    • High-speed

    With these capabilities, manufacturers can identify and resolve bottlenecks promptly. This improved production efficiency saves companies millions of dollars each year. Acumence’s technology implementation avoids clumsy and complex IT projects. It can be configured quickly and has a low cost of ownership. Multi-site implementations can be managed, configured, updated, and supported by minimal staff from a central location.

    Real-time Plant Status - Acumence’s real-time plant statuses provide exact and accurate data, allowing plant managers to make data-driven decisions.

    Real-time Key Performance Indicators - Acumence real-time Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) allow managers to align their focus with the most important metrics.

    Downtime by Fault and Root Cause - Acumence provides management with data-driven maintenance improvement strategies.

    In 2017, Acumence became a product of Flexware Innovation. Flexware, founded in 1996, is a company that works with customers to solve business problems by providing:

    • Software solutions
    • Automation engineering
    • Manufacturing systems integration
    • Business intelligence solutions
    • IoT (Internet of Things) solutions

    Listed in categories:

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