Epic Products International Corporation

902 KCK Way
Cedar Hill, TX

Tel: +1 817-640-3037 or +1 469-575-0074

Website: http://www.epicproducts.com
Email: [email protected]


Company Profile

Founded in 1977, Epic has a rich heritage of technological advancements in the printing industry. Epic began by developing and commercializing the first dampening system that virtually eliminates printing defects or “hickeys”. The Epic Delta Dampening System was so advanced, that still today, every major press manufacturer incorporates a dampening system based on Epic’s technology. Based in Cedar Hill, Texas, Epic operates an engineering center, production facility and warehouse and has a team of seasoned professionals to support our global customer base.

Epic Delta Dampening

By retrofitting a metal press with Epic’s Delta Dampening System, virtually defect-free printing can be achieved. The Epic Delta Dampening System is uniquely engineered for each metal decorating press.

The Delta design utilises helical gears and positive roller settings to drive the dampening form roller at a slower surface speed than the plate cylinder. The differential motion, called the “Delta Effect” wipes away the foreign particles that cause hickeys, while continuously allowing a fresh charge of ink to the plate. Epic Delta also provides superior color control, reduced makeready, and drier print, especially when using UV inks.

With the high cost of tin plate and the demand for flawless print, metal decorators strive to control waste and quality. The improved print quality, combined with the efficiencies gained in productivity (minimizing waste, reducing press down time and saving hours of product inspection), result in a rapid return-on-investment.

For over 40 years, Epic has been providing the flat-sheet metal decorating industry with best-in-class dampening systems on ALL press makes and models, improving printing quality and lower operating costs.

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