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Let’s twist again

With experience in the caps and closures market dating back to the 1960s, there is nobody better placed to write a feature than regular CanTech International correspondent, Evert van de Weg. He examines the convenient cap and the technology behind twist off closures.

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U.Can Cook with new app

UK consumers spent £2.3 billion on canned food last year, with an increase from the previous year of over 26 million people purchasing canned food goods. What’s more these store cupboard staples are now being consumed in over 99% of UK households. To meet this popularity, Canned Food UK has launched a smart new app […]


Let’s can hunger

During Ball Corporation’s 2015 “Let’s Can Hunger” food drive, the company’s North American employees donated more than 170,000 pounds of canned food and raised more than $215,000 in monetary contributions.


Celebrating canned food week

In preparation for Canned Food Week 2015, held 30 March – 5 April, Canned Food UK has teamed up with celebrity nutritionist Amanda Hamilton to raise awareness of canned food and its nutritional benefits. Canned Food UK and Amanda Hamilton have produced a set of seven healthy eating plans for a number of different audiences. […]


Whilst away on holiday I got to thinking about survival. Why, you may ask, did this cross my mind? Well, I was on a skiing holiday in the Alps and it occurred to me that cans – specifically canned foods – can play an important role when it comes to living in mountain regions, and […]

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BPA may increase blood pressure study finds

A Korean study, recently published in the American Heart Association Journal, has claimed that drinking beverages from cans increases blood pressure due to the BPA content. The study was conducted by way of a randomised crossover trial with non-institutionalised adults, who were aged 60 years and over, and recruited from a local community centre. ‘A […]


Cooking with cans

Canned Food UK, a not-for-profit member-led organisation that promotes cooking with canned food, is celebrating the one year anniversary of its YouTube Cooking Channel. The channel was launched in November 2013 and features more than 35 step-by-step videos, many of which are fronted by celebrity chef James Martin, which aim to demonstrate how easy it […]


What’s a can opener?

Last night I had to reach for an object that I had hitherto thought of as obsolete – my can opener. In a world that is geared towards convenience I actually found myself feeling slightly put out by the inconvenience of turning the lever. It sounds lazy doesn’t it? But should the industry be looking […]

The Outlook for Metal Cans report

Omega Research Associates has published the third edition of The Outlook for Metal Cans. The report looks at the competitive position of metal cans around the world, including end-use markets, growth prospects, environmental considerations, and the impact of competitive materials and systems. The report found that the US market for metal cans is in its […]


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