Growing green

Ball Corporation recently held an inspiring evening of discussion, emphasising the need for a truly circular economy and what was needed to achieve it, including journalistic approaches to reporting on sustainability news.

Wicked recycling

Further steps towards empowering consumers to recycle more and recycle better by bringing increased awareness and improving the recyclability of its products have been made by Wicked Weed Brewing, a member of the Brewers Collective, the craft business unit of Anheuser-Busch.

The Lonely Aerosol

Here’s a quirky sounding campaign for you, with the news that Alupro in the UK, has launched The Lonely Aerosol digital engagement campaign to encourage consumers to recycle their empty aerosol cans. Running between 18 January and mid-March, it will see social media users targeted with a series of creative digital animations.

Recycling facilities

According to new research by Every Can Counts, the British public think parks and beaches are the most in need of improved recycling facilities.

Every can counts in Calabria

Every Can Counts brings us a summery story of an initiative between the agency for the Regional Marine Parks of Calabria, CIAL – Italy’s consortium of aluminium packaging, and Coca-Cola, for the collection of beverage cans on the beaches of the Calabrian coasts in Italy.

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