A new issue of CanTech this way comes…

Hello to all, and thanks for your comments on the last issue (my first as editor). It’s always nice to have some feedback – especially when it’s positive, even if it’s not – so much appreciated to all that shared their opinions with us here.

Since that issue we have, of course, been hard at work to bring you the next edition, and we have a very exciting line up for you this time around too.

Food and Drink specialist Helen Lewis is looking at the canned drinks sector, specifically soft drinks, and will be bringing you the latest updates and opinions from around the world – from can makers to fillers.

Elsewhere, our regular columnist David Hayes has been to visit Great China Metal Co Ltd. His trip has uncovered some staggeringly impressive statistics from the region, and it is interesting to learn just how fast the can making industry is growing in the Far East.

Also within this issue, I have picked up my pen (or sat at my keyboard) and my telephone and have spoken to those in the know in the fields of used and refurbished equipment and inspection and testing. From this I have written some articles of my own and I would greatly appreciate your feedback once you’ve kindly taken the time to read them through.

That’s it for now. The next issue will be hitting your desks soon, so keep an eye out and we hope you enjoy it.



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