Recycle Week 2023

Recycle Week, taking place from 16-22 October, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, with the theme of ‘The Big Recycling Hunt.’

Keeping the excitement going

With Sarah Hills now on board at CanTech, our colleagues back from two successful industry showcases, and Asia CanTech on the horizon, there is much to celebrate this week at Bell Publishing.

Familiar but new beginnings

Following our LinkedIn post last week, CanTech International is pleased to announce Sarah Hills as the publication’s new sales manager – read an introduction from her here!

Events past, present & future

I’m back – as a Mrs (still a Rivers though) and getting back up to speed, while some of team CanTech attend the IMDPA Annual Conference, and the rest of Bell Publishing gears up for the busy month ahead of our industry-leading events.

Wedding cans

Today I’m taking the spotlight as this marks my last ‘live’ blog from the office before I get married – and I’ve been finding out about the tradition of tying of metal cans to the back of a wedding car.

Think of the kids

A new brand has launched what it believes to be the world’s first ‘kids kombucha’ in cans, but will this catch on? Is metal packaging for kids?

The heat is on

Here in the UK, our news pages are filled with updates on the continuing fires across the Mediterranean and beyond.

Banning the bin

Environmental solutions group, A Plastic Planet, is calling for a ban on household bins in the UK by 2030. Sian Sutherland, the group’s co-founder, says improvements to recycling collection rates cover up continued failure to actually recycle the waste collected.

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