Love it or hate it

It’s been a while since we featured a quirky canned beer combination, so here’s one which is (possibly) the most divisive beer out there. Camden Town Brewery has partnered with the UK’s most loved, and hated, spread – Marmite – to launch Camden Marmite Ale.

Participation in recycling

Aluminium packaging recycling organisation – Alupro – recently welcomed Rachel Maclean MP, member of parliament for Redditch, and Cllr Matthew Dormer, leader of Redditch Borough Council, to its headquarters in Worcestershire, UK.

Ethically sourced metal 

An article in the London Evening Standard newspaper this week said energy experts predict that companies relying on aluminium for their products such as drinks cans and deodorant bottles, should start expecting consumers to demand the metal is ethically sourced.

Tea & can lovers unite

This week we’ve had a varied array of new drinks releases in cans, from gin to beer to saké – but I thought in Jill’s absence this week I’d focus on news from HumaniTea – the brand that created the UK’s first ready-to-drink vegan tea lattes in a can.



I regularly receive news about wine being packaged in cans as the trend for the ready-to-drink (RTD) category grows as well as the demand for more sustainable packaging.  
This week an interesting new survey commissioned by Ball has revealed how Britons now get their wine in a can.

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Stories in metal

This week we heard of how Crown Bevcan has helped Italian company Zai Urban Winery launch high-quality canned wine in a convenient, sustainable format, in order for the company to be able to convey its quirky brand story.


Every can counts in Calabria

Every Can Counts brings us a summery story of an initiative between the agency for the Regional Marine Parks of Calabria, CIAL – Italy’s consortium of aluminium packaging, and Coca-Cola, for the collection of beverage cans on the beaches of the Calabrian coasts in Italy.

Beer cans for superfans

The lucrative and fun market for providing branded beer cans for music superfans continues with the announcement from KnuckleBonz and Calicraft Brewing Company of plans to launch a new music branded beverage line with two AC/DC officially licensed beers.

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Brassed off

Scottish brewing company, BrewDog, has attracted some negative attention recently surrounding a “solid gold” beer can competition it ran for individuals to win one of ten of its “solid gold” beer cans, claimed to be worth £15,000 each.

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Student rocks in metal

A design student from Loughborough University in England has won a competition after designing a striking metal gift pack for gin which captures the colour, fun and nostalgia of traditional British seaside rock. 


A Shoezie for Father’s Day

Kooky collaborations continue with news from two brands who have come together to help celebrate Father’s Day this weekend – including cans of beer, of course.

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