Happy Easter

The Easter holidays and celebrations are almost upon us and for those who will be marking the occasion, there are some fun and innovative canned products to help celebrate.

Join us in celebration…

This week, I would like to remind you that registration for our Asia CanTech Awards is open and to encourage entries from can and end makers that are based or distribute their products in Asia.

Dram in a can

Despite all the negativity around the Covid-19 pandemic, the canned beverage is doing very well. This week we’ve had several canned beverage stories, and now, Two Stacks Irish Whiskey in Northern Ireland has released Dram in a Can, which it says is a global first for packaging straight whiskey in a can.


Striding ahead…

I hope you are all well as we approach the end of February. The March issue of the magazine should have reached you by now and hopefully you are enjoying the read.

The virtual appeal

So many conferences and events have been cancelled over the past year due to the pandemic, but despite the forced physical distance between all in the metal packaging industry, we have stayed connected in different ways through technology.

Keep it local

It is always good to receive stories that are a bit quirky, that tell a local story or showcase the efforts of a small business. One such product story that will be covered in the next issue of CanTech International is how the last remaining can maker in London, William Say & Co, cost-effectively produced a short run of 100 Christmas gift cans for its customers using new digital printing technology

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Comforting to know…

A recent Mintel report including research into British consumer food and drink habits during the pandemic has revealed that having been in decline for a number of years, the stockpiling of canned meat has led to a resurgence in sales.

The Circular Economy…

As awareness and concern for the environment increases, there is a growing interest and movement towards creating a Circular Economy. We are told that circularity is more than just recyclability, but the metal packaging industry is already at an advantage in helping to create more circularity in that much of what is produced can easily be sorted, recycled or reused. 

Encouraging news

According to preliminary figures recently released by the Environment Agency, the volume of aluminium packaging collected for recycling in the UK reached its highest ever level in 2020, which is very encouraging.

Moving forward

As we creep our way through the cold days of January here in the UK, still in lockdown, it’s good to receive news of what’s happening around the world in metal packaging.

Back to Bangkok for Asia CanTech 2021

Happy New Year to you all. As we move business forward as well as can be expected at the moment, we have some good news with the announcement of the return this October of our Asia CanTech event. Once again – all being well in the world-  it will take place in Bangkok, Thailand.

Roll on 2021

I hope many of you are enjoying a relaxing break as 2020 draws to a close.

CanTech International