Key to the Budverse

On Monday this week, Budweiser joined the non-fungible token (NFT) craze, with the release of a line of NFTs called the Budverse Cans Heritage Edition.

Pupweiser holiday cans

There’s something festive for this week with the news that Budweiser has unveiled its limited-edition 2021 holiday cans featuring its Pupweiser contest winner and the launch of the competition for next year.  

Catch the early bird

If you are not already aware, I would like to bring to your attention that early bird rates for supplier packages to CanTech the Grand Tour 2022 close very soon on 15 November, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Christmas dinner in a can

You may have recently read about Heinz which has started the festive season by launching its first ever canned Christmas Dinner Big Soup – complete with turkey, pigs in blankets, stuffing and chunky potatoes…

Thermo colour shock

Ink technology for cans has come a long way, giving customers the opportunity to be more adventurous with their designs, and in turn appealing to different consumer groups. This week, we heard from Ardagh about how its thermochromic effect has been used on energy drink cans aimed at the gaming community.

Speeding up can decorating

This week, we heard about Crown and Velox who have come together to launch the “fastest” digital beverage can decorator and deliver “market firsts” for production speeds, design capabilities and flexibility for beverage brands.

UK haulage crisis and Irn-Bru

Many canned drinks producers will be affected by the current haulage crisis in the UK. Scottish company AG Barr, makers of Scotland’s “other national drink” – Irn-Bru – has revealed that it is struggling to make deliveries of the fizzy drink due to HGV and supply chain issues.

Low carbon cans

Budweiser Brewing Group, the UK arm of AB InBev, together with Rusal, the Metals segment of En+ Group, Canpack and Elval have announced the launch of a pilot to produce a can with the lowest ever carbon footprint for an AB InBev beer can produced in Europe.

Love it or hate it

It’s been a while since we featured a quirky canned beer combination, so here’s one which is (possibly) the most divisive beer out there. Camden Town Brewery has partnered with the UK’s most loved, and hated, spread – Marmite – to launch Camden Marmite Ale.

Participation in recycling

Aluminium packaging recycling organisation – Alupro – recently welcomed Rachel Maclean MP, member of parliament for Redditch, and Cllr Matthew Dormer, leader of Redditch Borough Council, to its headquarters in Worcestershire, UK.

Ethically sourced metal 

An article in the London Evening Standard newspaper this week said energy experts predict that companies relying on aluminium for their products such as drinks cans and deodorant bottles, should start expecting consumers to demand the metal is ethically sourced.

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