Works of art

Some news for the art and wine lovers amongst our readers this week, as the Canned Wine Co has collaborated with the The National Gallery in London to showcase some of art’s great masterpieces on three of its vegan-friendly wines.


Tinned goodness

UK supermarket Waitrose has advised its customers to plan at least one meal per week with tinned food, to cut down on food waste. But tinned food offers much more than just a Plan B meal reserve.


Thirst trapping

Coors Light in the US has been showcasing its new ‘Thirst Trap’ invention the past week, designed to trap mosquitos in the dregs of beer inside cans.

Keeping the cans cool

You might have thought there’s nothing worse than having a warm sip of a supposed-to-be-cool drink, but now in the UK, drivers are being warned not to keep beverage cans in cars during the record-breaking temperatures.

Can collections

Working on our August issue of the magazine, and reflecting on some recent Guinness World Record news, got me thinking about the importance of can design and how special edition packaging makes a lasting impression to become a keepsake.


Protecting our space

The world is in awe of the first images released by NASA from the James Webb Space Telescope. However, while there’s nothing more humbling than seeing the sheer expanse of the universe, it does help us think back to our tiny planet and the shared responsibility we have for its longevity.

Pride in cans

Pride month is always a tricky one to cover in terms of products, because some big corporations just seem to love cashing in on the novelty, without contributing anything to the cause. However I have found three American brands that seem to be doing their bit.

Celebrating Platinum

With Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee imminent, I thought it apt to showcase some quintessential metal packaging I’ve come across commemorating the occasion.

Creamy cans

Japanese company Gaku is offering consumers a unique vending machine dessert experience, with creamy products presented in cans.


Growing green

Ball Corporation recently held an inspiring evening of discussion, emphasising the need for a truly circular economy and what was needed to achieve it, including journalistic approaches to reporting on sustainability news.

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