Domino cuts down on compressed air costs

Domino Printing Sciences has established its environmental credentials thanks to the innovative design of its V120i and V230i thermal transfer overprinting (TTO) systems.

Unlike most TTO printers on the market, Domino’s V120i and V230i units do not require compressed air to operate, using instead stepper motors to control the printhead pressure and movement that is so critical in delivering a consistent high quality print.

“Compressed air is one of the most expensive services in a production plant and can have a substantial impact on the environment in terms of emissions output,” said Peter Lister, product manager for TTO at Domino.

“Over 10% of electricity consumed by the UK industry is used for compressed air, and 40% of these generation costs are typically wasted on inefficient and leaking systems. When reviewing these figures, it becomes clear that there are significant savings to be made by cutting down on compressed air usage where possible.”

There are consequently clear benefits in not using compressed air technology in TTO systems. It eliminates the cost of running and maintaining a compressed air supply to the coding area. In some cases where no factory air supply even exists it can avoid the need to install one at all. Installation, maintenance and repair costs are avoided while the issue of leaks is eliminated. These leaks can cost up to 20-30% of the annual printer consumables usage, which inevitably has a major impact on the operational efficiency.

A TTO unit that does not rely on compressed air makes for a more mobile solution, as only an electric supply is required, and is more suitable for use in factories where no compressed air supplies are available.

An all-electric system is simpler to install and set up due to the automated printhead positioning and alignment function which gives optimum set up at the press of a button without the need for tools and shims.

“These are small innovations that make a big difference to the convenience and performance of Domino’s TTO equipment.”


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