Australian and UK aerosol bodies sign cooperation agreement

The Aerosol Association of Australia and its UK counterpart, the British Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association (BAMA) has signed a reciprocal cooperation agreement, that will see the two associations work together to share information and cooperate on a range of initiatives, including in the areas of sustainability and training.

Aerosol Association of Australia President, David Cowper, welcomed the signing of the agreement, noting that the two associations had a close informal relationship that dated back over three decades.

“The Australian association has always prided itself on its outward looking approach, formally joining the European Aerosol Federation as a corresponding member in 1998 and taking a lead role in the establishment of the Asian Aerosol Federation in 2011,” he said.

“This new chapter in our relationship with BAMA recognises the global nature of our industry and will help strengthen our capability to respond to regulatory and technical challenges and enhance our offering to members.”

Patrick Heskins, BAMA chief executive, added: “As part of our 2020 Strategy BAMA is looking to create stronger links with our sister trade associations across the world.  Having worked closely with the Aerosol Association of Australia for many years it seemed sensible to extend our relationship and put it on a more formal footing by signing a reciprocal agreement to share the wealth of knowledge and experience on both sides.

“International trade relies on mutual respect and cooperation.  By working together with our colleagues in Australia we hope to offer benefits to members of both association as we face the challenges of a more demanding and complex regulatory landscape and, for example, as the UK looks to grow its export markets after we leave the EU.”

The agreement was signed by representatives of the two associations at the ‘aerosol2017’ Industry Forum held in Sydney on 23 March.

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