Wine brand Echo Falls available in cans

Rexam Beverage Can has teamed up with Accolade Wines to introduce the Echo Falls Spritz range.

This is the first pre-mixed can launched by Accolade Wines, and is considered an innovative step into a sector dominated by spirit based drinks.

Available in White Zinfandel Rosé and Pinot Grigio, Echo Falls Spritz is a refreshing blend of fine wine and sparkling water. Available in both single serve 250ml cans and multipacks, the can’s lightweight qualities open up an exciting new market sector, in particular for the on-the-go consumer market.

Aimed at female consumers, Echo Falls Spritz contains one unit of alcohol and only 120 calories giving consumers a refreshingly light alternative to what is currently available whilst also being great tasting and in a convenient format.

Clare Griffiths, European marketing director for Accolade Wines, said: “In our consumer research taste tests, Echo Falls Spritz in a can performs extremely well and consumers tell us they prefer the light, refreshing taste of Echo Falls Spritz compared to pre-mixed canned spirits. With this positive consumer feedback, we look forward to seeing Echo Falls Spritz in a can succeed across all retail channels.”

Rexam has pioneered the concept of wine in cans, and has supported a number of brands in bringing the concept to life. In April, an independent piece of research was commissioned to better understand consumers’ reactions to wine in cans. The findings showed that 65% of female respondents thought that wine in a can was appealing, whilst 62% of all respondents agreed that wine in a can would be a convenient format.

Gary Aslam, European customer services and regional sales director for Rexam, added: “It is fantastic to see the final cans – they will really serve the needs of the on-the-go wine consumer. This consumer is looking for a product that fits with their busy lifestyle, so the convenience of the can is a perfect match and makes this is an exciting launch for the wine industry.”

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