Crown collaboration brings flavoured water cans to Brazil

Eklo Water has partnered with Crown Embalagens Metálicas da Amazônia S.A. (Crown Brazil) to introduce the first flavoured water to be packed in aluminium beverage cans to the Brazilian market.

The collaborative product launch follows increasing consumer demand for healthy, zero-calorie beverages which are expected to drive revenue growth of the Brazil flavoured water market by 7.3% CAGR through 2024.

“It is clear that Brazilians want healthy, flavourful alternatives to teas, soft drinks and sugary beverages,” said Fabio Nono, co-owner of Eklo Water.

“Our flavoured water meets that demand and sleek style beverage cans are the perfect format to market them in. While we originally launched the drink in cartons, we transitioned to sleek style beverage cans as we are seeing consumers display an increased preference for package attributes such as portability, eye-catching design and overall durability.”

Richard Moxley, co-owner of Eklo Water, added: “The sleek style can also meets demand for smaller portion sizes. The sustainability credentials of the beverage can – specifically that it is 100% recyclable and infinitely recyclable – was another critical factor in our decision to change formats.”

Two flavours have been launched using Crown’s sleek style 310ml (10.5 ounce) beverage cans, which are produced in its Cabreúva, Brazil, plant: red berry and citrus. Both flavours are free of sodium, calories and preservatives.

Altair Frulane, director of commercial operations, Crown Brazil, commented: “Beverage cans play a pivotal role in addressing the needs of natural and organic foods. For example, metal serves as an impenetrable barrier to light, air and moisture, protecting the integrity and nutritional value of the products they contain without preservatives.

“These barrier properties help extend the shelf life of products, and ultimately, reduce food waste. The format also offers several functional benefits that appeal to consumers, including the ability to chill quickly and being light in weight, allowing them to enjoy their favourite drinks on-the-go.”

Eklo Water is available in retail stores, bars and restaurants in Rio de Janeiro. The company aims to expand distribution of the product across the southern region of Brazil and then to the entire country.

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