Rexnord unveils 390 Series Chain for beverage industry

Rexnord has launched the Rexnord 390 Series MatTop Chain designed to optimise tight transfers in the beverage, food, metal container manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries.

The 395 MatTop plastic modular chain features a flat top execution while:

  • Reducing product damage & loss — with an 8mm pitch, the chain can go around a nose bar diameter of 6mm for tight transfers of small footprint  and unstable products;
  • Minimising risk of chain failure — can carry more load and withstand high peak loads with high strength feature;
  • Decreasing downtime — high stiffness allows less risk of material fatigue and pin wear, providing optimal chain tracking; chain does not jump on the sprocket with optimised sprocket engagement;
  • Mitigating product contamination — headless rod with self-locking pin retention; fewer and less complicated tools, assembly and maintenance.

Key applications include tight transfer (“knife edge”) conveyors; small product handling where stability of container or delicate nature of product is critical to operation; transitions or transfers between two mass flow conveyor sections; and package and case transfers into and out of packers, turns and spiral conveyors.

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