Tinning line goes into production

Jiangsu Sunshine in Dajiang, China, has started up an electrolytic tinning line which is capable of producing 250,000 tonnes of tinplate a year.

Tenova Strip Processing has supplied the tinning line which offers improved product quality, reduced operational costs and benefits for the environment.

Tinplate produced on the line will be up for sale on both the local and the export markets. The line utilises a patented tin dissolution reactor to dissolve the tin into the plating electrolyte, which reduces the waste sludge to a minimum, with significant benefits for the environment and operating costs.

Compared with traditional soluble anodes, insoluble anodes offer notable advantages in terms of the quality of the material produced with improved tin coating uniformity across the width of the strip and substantial reduction in overplating on the strip edges due to an edgemask system.

With this insoluble anode technology the tin is dissolved into the plating electrolyte eliminating the need for line operators to place tin anodes into the plating cells. This results in a much safer and environmentally friendly working environment.

In choosing Tenova as its line supplier, Jiangsu Sunshine recognises Tenova leadership and experience in ETLs, for state-of-the-art large-capacity lines.

The Dajiang plant is a showcase of Tenova products for the entire tinplate production cycle. The line supplied by Tenova Strip Processing is part of the tinplate cold mill complex, whose production cycle includes Tenova LOI Italimpianti coil annealing bell furnaces, a Tenova I2S reversing mill, and DCR mill and a Pomini Tenova roll grinder.

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