IMDA expands to include can and metal packaging manufacturing

The International Metal Decorators Association (IMDA) has expanded to include can manufacturing and metal packaging, and has been renamed the International Metal Decorating and Packaging Association (IMDPA).

The change of scope is the result of much deliberation and planning and the industry’s need to evolve along with its member’s needs.

“The IMDPA will strive to stimulate our members to make improvements in the material, mechanical, technical, environmental and manufacturing phases of the metal packaging industry,” said William Hoyle, president of the IMDPA. “Ever since the association was launched back in 1933, we have focused on promoting the metal packaging industry through information exchange, providing access to quality resources, innovative ideas, unlimited networking, and technical tools.”

“The new name has given us the opportunity to rebrand the association with a new and fresh look for 2019,” said Renee Schouten, vice president of the IMDPA. “We are revamping the Association’s website to include more membership and industry information and to be more user friendly”.

“With the new modern looking website”, Mike Masenior, IMDPA executive director said that “members and industry personnel will also have the ability to connect with our new membership software portals for making payments and registering for events. While the new website is still under construction as of this writing, availability to the current site, exists”.

Serving the metal decorating industry for more than 85 years, the IMDPA represents companies and people from around the world promoting the interests of lithographers, metal decorators, designers, metal packaging and trade suppliers involved in metal decorating and metal packaging worldwide. With more than 600 individual members, the organisation represents over 200 corporations.

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    I’m bit confuse about it what should i say. Is it good step or bad?

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