US brewery increases production with WaveGrip

Florida-based brewery, Due South Brewing Co, has seen an increase in production since installing WaveGrip’s G1 applicator a year ago.

To meet the growing demand for their canned beers, Due South installed a G1 applicator to help automate their packaging process in January 2018. With speeds of up to 100 cans-per-minute (cpm) the G1 was chosen to help in the typically labour-intensive process, whilst also providing a sustainable multi-packing solution for cans.

In addition to increasing their distribution capabilities the G1 significantly reduces downtime when switching between the 12oz and 16oz can formats Due South produce. Thanks to its easy-to-use design, the applicator takes only a few minutes to change configuration, providing flexibility to drinks producers’ canning operations.

Due South founder Mike Halker said: “The WaveGrip machine is really consistent, after getting the machine dialled in, which was very simple, it’s been rare for us to have any issues at all.” He added “I don’t think it’s a decision I’ll ever regret.”

Aaron McIvor, managing director, WaveGrip said: “It’s great to see how much the brewery has grown almost a year on. We’re so happy that the G1 is still living up to the needs of Due South and are excited to see how far their beers travel thanks to WaveGrip.”

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