Fernson brewery automates canning line

WaveGrip’s G1 multi-packing applicator has helped craft brewers Fernson automate its canned craft beer packaging line thanks to its low cost of entry.

“We are often asked why we chose cans for our beers rather than bottles and there are two basic reasons. One is that cans are better at protecting each beer from light and oxygen and two is because aluminum cans are lighter and easier to recycle than glass,” said Joel Thompson, CEO of Fernson Brewing Co.

“However, whilst cans are great for the beers and our drinkers, the packaging of them was proving to be very labour intensive, and many of the automated solutions we had seen were just too expensive for the level we need to run our machines at.”

With its low entry price, automating the packaging process became a reality for Fernson and WaveGrip’s G1 delivered savings in both the cost of labour and materials needed to pack its cans.

As well as providing efficiency upgrades for the brewery, the WaveGrip carriers are also providing sustainability benefits as well. Weighing less than 4g for a standard six-pack and using less material, WaveGrip carriers are 100% recyclable and meet current US packaging regulations by being photodegradable.

WaveGrip managing director, Aaron McIvor, said: “We wanted the G1 to be an accessible solution for craft brewers, giving them an entryway into automated multi-packing of cans and allowing them to increase their production at an affordable cost. We are delighted to see that Fernson are already benefitting from reductions in labour and material to pack their beers and look forward to these growing as their production scales up.”

“The WaveGrip G1 was the perfect choice for us and even running at just 30cpm we are seeing significant benefits, including giving the team more time to spend on what they love – the brewing,” said Joel.

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