Sneak Energy enters canned drinks market

Sneak Energy has expanded into the canned energy drink market by launching a trio of new products.

Containing no sugar, no preservatives, all natural flavours and colours, the canned range also boasts the inclusion of performance-enhancing ingredients to deliver a cognitive boost.

The new energy drink flavours are Blue Raspberry, Tropikilla and Strawberry & Watermelon.

Marking the brand’s first move outside of the powdered-energy drink market, the Sneak Energy team has spent two years developing the formula to meet the requirements of the can format, whilst staying true to Sneak’s values of great-tasting and functional energy drinks.

Will Peirce, co-founder at Sneak Energy, said: “Our expansion into canned drinks is primarily to meet the requirements of modern lifestyles and for convenience. Just like our powder formula our canned energy formula provides 150mg of caffeine to provide energy without the jitters or crash associated with sugary energy drinks. It also delivers enhanced alertness, focus and concentration through the addition of lesser-known ingredients such as ginseng and theanine, while still delivering caffeine, taurine and a healthy dose of B vitamins.

“Whilst it is hugely exciting to launch Sneak Energy in the canned drinks market, we’re still very committed to producing new and innovative powder flavours, and we have a number of announcements planned in 2020.”

Jonny Teeling, also co-founder, continued: “Brand is just as important to us as the product itself and it’s clear that consumers are choosing brands as a form of self-expression. Sneak was created to meet that desire for the creative industry spanning gamers, developers, producers, photographers and everything in between.

“Whilst the legacy brands are trying to address this market, it’s hard for them to do so from a place of authenticity. Our opportunity lies in offering a great product first and foremost, supplemented by a brand that directly speaks to this category.”

Launched in 2018 by Perice and Teeling, Sneak Energy has grown a loyal following in the gaming and creative industry. The brand now offers six different flavours of its powdered energy drink (plus limited edition flavours throughout the year), merchandise and now three flavours of its new canned energy product.

The 500ml energy drink cans are available now in packs of 12 for £24.00, exclusively at A mixed variety pack containing four of each flavour is also available.

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