Sacmi hosts virtual tour in absence of Metpack 2020

With this year’s Metpack event postponed, Sacmi is instead hosting a guided virtual tour of its metal packaging and quality control solutions.

An illustrative video and a tour arranged by subject area will give users a close look at Sacmi’s advanced metal closure and packaging manufacturing systems, plus new frontier for vision systems, which are evolving to incorporate AI algorithms for more efficient control of the entire production process.

In addition to complete solutions for the manufacture of metal caps – crown caps, aluminium ROPP caps, Ring-Pull, lugged caps, etc – this year sees Sacmi adding major new products on the computer vision front.

The company says its strength stems from its ability to match outstanding machines and plants with dedicated vision systems, developed by the Group’s Computer Vision and Advanced Sensors Division. The latest decorated metal sheet inspection range features the systems Eclipsim Deco (for litghographed sheets) and Eclipsim Coat (for coated sheets).

All Sacmi systems use ultra-high resolution video cameras, patented ‘illuminators’, powerful software and cutting-edge algorithms. This approach, says Sacmi, means that the company can offer markets an Artificial Vision concept that stretches beyond simple quality control of the final product. Inspection, instead, becomes a crucial phase in its own right and a vital source of feedback to make the entire production process more efficient and fault-free.

By connecting to Sacmi’s virtual platform, users will be able to view all multimedia material and, after registering, download individual machine catalogues.

To access Sacmi’s virtual tour, visit:

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